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The importance of bearings in our lives

There are many types of bearings, and the machines that can be applied to different bearings are also different. The performance of sliding bearings is strong and has been loved by consumers for many years. What are the different characteristics of different bearings and what is their role?

Do you know what the main role of the bearing is? The role of various types of bearings is actually different. Bearings are used in many places, and as our machinery becomes more sophisticated, the market for bearings will develop better. The role of the bearing: Thrust ball bearings are separable bearings that can only withstand axial loads. One-way bearings can only withstand axial loads in one direction, and two-way bearings can withstand alternating axial loads in both directions. Each ferrule of a deep groove ball bearing has a radial ball bearing of a continuous groove type raceway having a cross section of about one third of the circumference of the ball, which is suitable for precision instruments and the like. There are still many bearings on the market. Different bearings have different functions. Now, our technology is more and more developed, and the development of machinery is inseparable from bearings.

When buying a plain bearing, we must pay attention to distinguish the quality of the bearing. The bearing must be carefully maintained when it is used. Especially for sliding bearings and other products, it should be lubricated frequently for better use.

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